Phoca vitulina subsp. vitulina observed in United States of America by Kevin Lynch (licensed under CC BY 4.0)

Pre-Survey for 2022 North America Regional Nodes Meeting

Complete the survey and help us to identify the needs of the North American data-sharing community.

Are you….

…planning to attend the North American Regional Nodes Meeting? Please complete the survey to help us to frame our discussions during the session.

…unable to attend the meeting? This is a great way to contribute to the conversation and make your thoughts known while you are elsewhere.

…a Node Manager or Head of Delegation to a NA GBIF Node? Then we definitely need to hear about your successes from the last year and your efforts for the coming year.

…just a regular person involved with biodiversity data? First of all, nobody is just “regular” in this business. Second, we still want to know what you think, so please share it with us.

Please complete the survey form before May 24th, 23:59 Pacific Time.

If you haven’t done so yet, please register for the Regional Meeting and mark your calendar for May 31, at 16:30 UTC (i.e., 09:30 Pacific / 10:30 Mountain / 11:30 Central / 12:30 Eastern).

Learn more about the meeting.