Eschscholzia californica Cham. observed in United States of America by Roberto R. Calderón (licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0)

Call for volunteers to join the GBIF North America steering group

Dear stakeholders in the GBIF North America region,

As we discussed in our most recent regional meeting, we think it is important to engage new people in the North America steering group to maintain momentum. We have proposed an 8-member structure consisting of the Regional Representative (chair), Deputy Regional Representative (vice chair), 3 Node Managers or their delegates, and 3 Community Stakeholders, such as IPT managers.

Responsibilities of the regional steering group include:

  • Facilitate regional communication, coordination, and collaboration
  • Help and support the Regional Representative and Deputy
    • Participate in bi-weekly meetings
    • Help with quarterly meetings
    • Help with annual region reports
  • Willingness to work on projects for the benefit of the community (e.g., the portal)
  • Help turn notes and requests from the community into actions

If you are interested in joining the steering group, please email your intent to by this Friday, 24 September.

Thank you for considering!


David Jennings, Carole Sinou, Abby Benson, David Bloom, and Sharon Grant