Tenodera sinensis Saussure, 1871 observed in United States of America by Peter Wilson (licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0)

North America Regional Quarterly Meeting - November 2022

Please join the GBIF North America Steering Group at the next 2022 North America Regional Quarterly meeting on November 10th, 9:30-11:00 Pacific/11:30-13:00 Central.

We invite all nodes staff and community members to attend via Zoom (registration is required): https://ufl.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJcuf-6gqj4jGNIqAeBFj9CQPVkp9ZlSjl3V

You will receive a confirmation email containing a meeting link once you have completed the registration form.

Meeting Agenda

For our final meeting of 2022 we have many things to share with the community, including:

  • A review of the Annual North American Regional Report for 2022
  • Highlights from the the 29th GBIF Governing Board
    • A presentation by Joe Miller about the approved GBIF Implementation Plan
    • New Data Model
    • Round-up of current activities from the Global Nodes
  • Regional Updates and Q&A, including:
    • Camera Trap data mapping
    • The Latimer Core (Collections Description)
    • TDWG Material Sample Development
    • Hosted portal update
    • Updates from Arctos and the Symbiota Support Hub
  • …and announcements about upcoming events and activities in the NA Region in 2023

We look forward to seeing you there.